HeftyNet History: How it started

If you want to know why and how this website was started, please read this page in full.

About HeftyNet

HeftyNet was created because there are many sites for guys but none let you in on the daily life of the guy. It's always just a couple pictures and a bio. There was a niche that needed filled.

HeftyNet started in 2007 and I loved programming so much I made a tiny site to see how far I can push myself. I like a good challenge. It started with a home page, and I found out I could make a profile page, and so on, and it ballooned into what it is today. Five users signed up and I was so happy - now we're at 41,688 users and counting! I'm happy that people can find each other and communicate in a safe and friendly environment.

I also love to interact with members - something you won't really find on any other website. I talk to users every day, and update my profile like every one else here, just that I have some extra duties.

I also enjoy taking your ideas and implementing them. I don't really say, "Ya, I'll think about it", or "We don't have the resources", I get my ass in gear and program your ideas and bring them to life. Members have helped design and improve so many features it's crazy. If it's broken, tell me and I'll fix it. If it's a crappy feature and you think you can improve it, tell me that too. I'll work with you and discuss it in the forums or on my profile so others can weigh in with their opinions.

As I said - your opinion matters, so share it. Don't just "deal" with something - voice your opinion right to me or my profile for the public to see. I'm a pretty open person so let me know.

This site is designed by YOU for YOU, so if you're not happy, step up and tell me and I'll fix it.
About Myself

HeftyNet is not my day job, but it does keep me pretty occupied. I work in an industry I did not go to school for - a job that you get as your, "temp job" for a while and you end up there for over 9 years. It pays enough for me to get by, so I'm happy with it for now. It's not what I want to do for the rest of my life, so one day hopefully I'll get a job in programming one day.

I work on HeftyNet before work, after work, on weekends, and when I can't sleep. It's my passion. I am always implementing your ideas and building it better and faster. I've even had dreams (nightmares, if you will) where I'm coding new features, or a feature is broken.

In case anyone says anything different, yes, I am the ONLY person who works on the site, owns the site, and has any involvement in its moderation. No other person has ANY special privileges or ANY authority except myself. I run the entire website, from the server, to the programming, to moderating all of the content uploaded.